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ALICE is a new way of defining and understanding the struggles of households that earn above the Federal Poverty Level, but not enough to afford a bare-bones household budget. We envision a world where all those who work to keep our local economies running can support themselves and their families.

Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed

In West Tennessee, 47% of households are struggling to afford the basic necessities of food, housing, transportation, health care, child care, and technology. That's why United Ways across Tennessee have come together to bring you the ALICE Project. ALICE, a United Way acronym which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, represents the growing number of individuals and families who are working hard every day but are still unable to afford to meet their basic needs. The ALICE report is the most comprehensive depiction of need in Tennessee to date. 

By focusing on objective data to fundamentally redefine the real struggles everyday people face for financial stability, United Way is igniting a movement where nonprofits, corporations, policymakers, and the faith community can better understand and address the problems faced by hardworking West TN citizens. 


United Way of West Tennessee will leverage the data in this new report to: 

- Raise awareness of obstacles ALICE families in West Tennessee are facing

- Foster collaboration across industry, non-profit, and civic organizations

- Create community-specific solutions


Download county-specific data below.


View the full Tennessee report at

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