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As the central hub within the nonprofit sector in West Tennessee, we unite people in ways that improve each person’s access to health, education, and financial stability.

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United Way of West Tennessee and the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation are working to fill the gap for displaced workers who do not qualify for traditional unemployment benefits.

  • Thank you.
    Thank you.

    My name is Tiffany. I became a drug addict at the age of 12. My drug addiction led me to leave my husband and kids and enter the life of prostitution. But thankfully, I met the director of the Scarlet Rope Project in the Madison County jail. Scarlet Rope provided everything I needed to heal and grow. Today I am employed, I have my kids back in my life, and I have friends that want me around. I see people all the time that don't even recognize me, and that's the proof that I've been redeemed. Because of United Way's support, the Scarlet Rope Project saved my life.

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