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21 Day Race Equity Challenge

Day 1 – Personal Racial Identity 

Video: “A Conversation With Native Americans on Race”

Article: “How Science and Genetics are Reshaping the Race Debate of the 21st Century”

Self-reflection Handout


Day 2 – Implicit Bias / Self Reflection  


Video: “Foreigners in their own country: Asians in America”

Podcast: “Hear Me Out: The Signals Accents Send”

Article: “Who Gets to Be Afraid in America?”

Self-reflection: “28 Common Racist Attitudes and Behaviors that Indicate a Detour or Wrong Turn into White Guilt, Denial, or Defensiveness”


Day 3 – Define Privilege 

Video/Self-reflection: “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

Song: “White Privilege II” 

Assessment: “How Privileged Are You?”

Article: “The Origins of Privilege”


Day 4 – Define White Fragility 

Article: “White Fragility”

Video: “White Fragility”

Podcast: “Turning the Lens” (severe language included)


Day 5 – Trauma to Healing 

Song: “Dear Black Son”

Article: “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro”

Video: “No. You Cannot Touch My Hair!”

Podcast: “DACA Decision: Check-In With Miriam Gonzalez”

Article: “Latinx college students are struggling with self-hate, but counselors can help, scholar finds”


Day 6 – Levels of Racism 

Video: “A Conversation with Native Americans on Race”

Video: “What Is Systemic Racism? Government Surveillance” 

Podcast: “American Police”

Article: “5 Examples of Institutional Racism in the United States”


Day 7 – Local Opportunity 

Local Data: “ALICE Population in Madison County, TN” 

Podcast: “That’s Not Us, So We’re Clean” (from Scene on Radio, “Seeing White, Part 6” – check out parts 1-5,7-14)

Assessment: “Personal Self-Assessment of Anti-Bias Behavior”


Day 8 – Segregation 

Video: “Segregated by Design”

Article: “Panel: Segregation still ‘in force’ in US schools, neighborhoods”

Podcast: “America’s Concentration Camps?”


Day 9 – Homelessness & Housing Affordability 

Article: “Homelessness and Racial Disparities”

Video: “So you think you understand homelessness”

Article: “How Redlining Segregated Chicago, and America”

Video: “Redlining and Systemic Racism”


Day 10 – Healthcare & Outcomes 

Video: “Infant Mortality”

Article: “Support for Asian Americans Must Go Beyond Performative Statements”

Podcast: “Under the Blacklight: COVID in Confinement” 


Day 11 – Societal and Environmental Justice 

Article: “Unequal Impact: The Deep Links Between Racism and Climate Change”

Video: “This is How Affirmative Action Began”

Podcast: “Prisons, Panopticons, and Panics (Part 1 – check out part 2 as well)”


Day 12 – Wealth Gap / Financial Stability 

Article: “The Racial Wealth Gap”

Podcast: “Breaking the Cycle: Dr. Donna Beegle” 

Video: “Wealth Gap”  


Day 13 – Early Childhood 

Article: “Delivering on the Promise of Effective Early Childhood Education”

Video: “Who Is Being Expelled from Preschools, and Why?” 

Video: “School Suspensions Are An Adult Behavior”


Day 14 – Education & School-Aged Children 

Video: “How America’s public schools keep kids in poverty” 

Article: “Do Conversations About Race Belong in the Classroom?”

Article: “’They come with nothing:’ How professional development in a culturally responsive pedagogy shapes teacher attitudes towards Latino/a English language learners”

Podcast: “Milliken v. Bradley”

Map: “School Districts where White students are more likely to be in an Advanced Placement class or gifted and talented program, compared with Black students.” 

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